How Collaborative Divorce Benefits You During the Holidays and Beyond

Divorce is always hard on families during the holidays, but divorce doesn’t have to make holidays unbearable. The Collaborative Divorce process puts an emphasis on keeping negotiations civil and minimizing emotional damage to the children and the family. By eliminating the volatile nature of the courtroom, collaborative divorce makes it easier to continue a relationship with your ex-spouse, allowing the holiday season to go smoothly for your children and yourself. Here are four ways a Collaborative Divorce benefits you now and for many holidays to come.

Less Threatening

By removing the combative aspect of courtroom litigation and replacing it with a negotiation process, the goals of a collaborative divorce switch from “fight to win” to “cooperate and problem solve.” When parties agree to a collaborative divorce, they also agree to work together to achieve the best settlement for themselves and their children. Four-way meetings are held with both parties and their lawyers, where both sides are given a chance to explore their issues using their own words and feelings.


By bringing other professionals into the mix, you aren’t left on your own, or in the hands of a greedy lawyer, to decide how to go about negotiations. Therapists and financial professionals work with you to process emotions and make the best financial decisions for everyone moving forward. Plus, the lawyers from both parties sign an agreement at the beginning of the collaborative process which prohibits them from taking the case to litigation if an agreement cannot be made, so you can count on all parties to do their best to help you reach a reasonable conclusion.

Cost Efficient

Working together eliminates redundancies, possibly saving both you and your ex-spouse a considerable amount of money. Since the specialist professionals working on your case aren’t split in two, there is no duplication of effort, and the process could potentially move more quickly since there is less need to play catch up. Without the need for attorneys to get the upper hand on each other, you can reach an agreement sooner and your money isn’t wasted on court time or petty arguments.

Secure Your Family’s Future

In a collaborative divorce you don’t tear apart your family, you lay out the plans for your reformulated family. Working together with your ex-spouse, you can find unique solutions for your situation and get the balance that works best for both you and your children. With options for family therapy for your children as well, you can be assured that their emotional turmoil will be much less traumatic than the alternative of being caught in the middle of a fight between their most cherished loved ones.