Child Support Slackers Can Have Their License Suspended

A person who does not pay child support could be subject to a non-renewal or suspension of a license or car registration. This covers vocational licenses, professional licenses, driver’s licenses and hunting licenses. Think in terms of barbers, plumbers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, electricians, and many more.

Suspension or Non-renewal of Motor Vehicle Registration

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is the licensing authority for suspension or non-renewal of a motor vehicle registration. The suspension or non-renewal of a motor vehicle does not encumber the title to the vehicle, affect the transfer of title to the vehicle, or affect the sale, purchase, or registration of the motor vehicle by a person who holds a general distinguishing number issued under Chapter 503 of the Transportation Code.

Suspension Requirements

A court or the Title IV-D agency may issue an order suspending a license if an individual who is obligated to pay child support:

  1. owes at least three months worth of overdue child support under the support order;
  2. has been provided an opportunity to make payments toward the overdue child support under a court ordered or agreed repayment schedule; and
  3. has failed to comply with the repayment schedule.

On receipt of a final order suspending license, the licensing authority shall immediately determine if the authority has issued a license to the individual named on the order and, if a license has been issued:

  1. record the suspension of the license in the licensing authority’s records;
  2. report the suspension as appropriate; and
  3. demand surrender of the suspended license if required by law for other cases in which a license is suspended.

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