Texas Adoptions: Why securing an experienced attorney is crucial

Adopting a child (or an adult) is perhaps one of the most profound, emotionally intense, and life-changing events you will ever experience. Your life, the adoptee’s life, and the life of the birth parents will be radically transformed, and the trajectories of those lives irrevocably altered.

With so much on the line, it is absolutely crucial to secure the sound council of an experienced, compassionate specialist to serve as a trusted guide during the adoption process. This guide should ensure that everyone involved safely navigates what can otherwise become a treacherous sea of legal whirlpools that can easily capsize your efforts.

The legal issues governing adoptions in the state of Texas are complex, as is the process of adoption itself. Even a cursory glance at Texas’ adoption statutes may leave your eyes glazing over. A kink or mistake in any part of the process could delay an adoption, hold it up indefinitely, or even make it next-to-impossible to complete. A family law attorney with extensive experience in adoptions is absolutely essential to help you avoid heartbreaking outcomes.

Legal concerns vary considerably based on the type of adoption a family is considering. Stepparent adoptions, foster-to-adoption transitions, adopting an adult, and international/interstate adoptions each have unique legal considerations. Nontraditional families and grandparent/grandchild adoptions can also give rise to legal complexities for which an attorney with detailed knowledge of this specialty area is vital.

A certified Family Law Specialist, Tim Whitten is the compassionate, experienced attorney your family deserves to expertly guide you through every step of the adoption process. If you are considering adopting or fostering a child or adult, get in touch with Tim via Whitten Law’s contact page or give him a call at (512) 790-5066. Tim has been honored to help countless Texans expand their families, and is eager to stand by your side as you do the same.