This Divorce Option Can Help You Keep the Peace

Divorce is something that many people fear. Much of that has to do with the poor reputation that traditional litigated divorce has. But as long as the right planning is in place, divorce can be handled with dignity.

Sometimes both parties in a marriage are in agreement that divorce is simply the right decision for them. When that’s the case, the couple may want to look into collaborative divorce as the way by which they sever their ties.

Collaborative Divorce, the Peaceful Option

In collaborative divorce, the divorce proceeds via a series of meetings attended by both parties in the marriage, along with their attorneys, a financial adviser and a mental health professional.

During the first meeting, the attorneys will explain the process to the parties involved. The parties will make clear what their individual expectations are, and what results they hope to achieve. Additionally, the financial adviser will outline the extent of the finances that must be dealt with.

Later meetings will see the creation of terms by which the divorce may be settled to the satisfaction of all involved. Through gentle negotiation assisted by the mental health professional, the parties will arrive at a conclusion that both are happy with.

Litigated Divorce, the Public Option

Contrast the above with litigated divorce. This is the option you may be familiar with from the movies; it’s a contentious process mediated by a court in which one party often is legally required to accuse the other by means of a petition served by an attorney.

This type of divorce can quickly become very public. It adversely affects not only the parties involved, but any children they may have as well.

The Right Professionals for a Graceful Divorce

If you’re considering collaborative divorce, make sure beforehand that you’ve retained the services of an attorney trained for it. Collaborative Divorce Texas is a professional association by which you can find financial advisers and mental health professionals well-versed in the collaborative divorce process.

If you’re looking to ease an upcoming divorce, contact us today for more information on how to gracefully plan for this life change with a minimum of harm done. We will work with you, listen to your story, understand your priorities and evaluate the circumstances of your case to determine the best strategy to resolve your divorce or family conflict. Call us at (512) 790-5066 or contact us online for a consultation.