Easing Communication in Divorce

Communicating in the divorce process can be challenging and stressful, but the Collaborative Divorce process is one way of making things easier on you and your family. For those who don’t know, Collaborative Divorce is a process where both you and your spouse work through the issues of your case with your own Collaborative Divorce attorney, using a method called “interest-based negotiation.” This process allows the two of you to create agreements focusing on your most important mutual and individual goals.

What’s the advantage of this process?

Both parties are able to communicate directly with one another and their lawyers are able to work directly with each opposing party, creating a free flow of information. This is especially important for families with children who will be impacted by the divorce as it helps all family members learn to move forward in a positive way. It’s generally superior to the litigation process when both parties are open to it.

Communication in Litigation vs. Collaborative: What’s the difference?

Litigation does allow for some communication between parties, but it is often filtered through lawyers, allowing for less communication overall. The collaborative process allows parties to speak directly and more openly, during joint meetings, helping to get to the core issues and reach agreements that both parties can be happy with.

What makes collaborative divorce superior?

In the collaborative process you’re in the same room, at the same table. You can have meetings in the litigation process, but they happen in a contentious setting, which makes clear communication difficult. With the collaborative model, there’s a neutral mental health professional present to facilitate the conversation, making it easier for everyone to be together and have a positive, productive discussion.

The Collaborative Divorce process makes communication between parties simpler and faster, leaving less room for animosity at the end of the process. Being able to talk through the issues with one another along with the help of professionals allows everyone to leave the divorce having met their own goals and still respecting the other person.

If you think Collaborative Divorce might be right for you, please contact us today for a consultation. At the Law Office of Tim Whitten, we will work with you, listen to your story, understand your priorities and evaluate the circumstances of your case to determine the best strategy to resolve your divorce or family conflict.